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My true love is music. It's what I crave to produce on a daily basis: to create, produce, perform, repeat. Playing drums and seeking a life as a pro musician has been the one thing I have done from day one. From a small child in elementary school to this very moment, making music has been the most sought after desire, and apparently therefore, the most elusive success in all that I do. While I do love and aspire for all of my skills, music is my master!

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Below is my resume of songs I have produced over the years. 

Fun Facts:

  • 100% of them I write the lyrics.

  • 30% of them have collaborated lyrics.

  • 20% of them I have a melody in mind when we start working on the song.

  • 100% of them I work with other composers producing the music around my lyrics.

  • 99% of them I play drums.

  • 99%  of them I did the recording and production on pro tools.

  • 20% of them I did the mix.

  • 100% of them I play a role as the Producer.

  • 99% of them I create/shoot the cover art.

  • 60% of them live on a Website that I have built.

  • 100% of them available for placements and licensing c/o Middle C Stuff (ASCAP).

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