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Nashville Web Design .BIZ

Projects and Pricing

Check out a few samples of websites that we've built; private business, individuals, small companies & firms, musicians & hired outsourcing.


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Nashville Web Design .BIZ Pricing Plans


We take a value based approach to our sites and price accordingly to the clients we work with. For our small business and enterprise clients, we offer extraordinary pricing for quality web design and development based on the level of business our clients are engaged. For individual talents and specialties, we offer discounts up front for return in the future. We are in business, to support your business!


Prices below are service fees only. Domains, hosting, Email boxes, added features, taxes, upgrades, fees, taxes etc. may incur additional fees.


"Per Page" indicates per website navigational menu item and page display. A page is a basic build with content typically provided by the client, specific to the page title and messaging, within two or three screen-folds total. (Proper website design to avoid content overload and declining audience). Custom Content Production Available.


Per-Page modular pricing provided so you can start small and grow your customization later, or go all-in and perhaps enjoy volume discounts for numerous pages in your website design up front.


Post-Launch Site Support plans available as well, via retainer or per incident: Text revisions, content refresh, blog/news updates, new images, etc.


Prices subject to change; primarily dependent on additional services available. Extras are always an option.


Click in quick! Introductory rates noted below:

Nashville Web Design Pricing
Nashville Website Design Reskin Rate

Custom Website Development:


We start with a clean slate and design an original website unique to your specific needs! We build your site, and we can either hand it off for you to run thereafter, or we can offer support plans and serve as your partnering webmaster into the future.

Nashville Web Designs - Starving Artists Pricing : Artists, actors, musicians, models

Creative Talent



Entertainment websites for artists/musicians/models/actors.

Nashville Web Designs - Small Business Pricing

Small Business



Business websites for companies up to 10 employees. 

Nashville Web Designs - Enterprise Pricing




Operational websites for companies with10 or more employees and/or a more involved site reaching multiple layers deep. Volume discounts available.

Stadium Concrete Seats
nashville web design layers wide icon 7.
nashville web design layers wide icon 5.
nashville web design layers wide icon 3.

        Page Website

$87.95 per month


        Page Website

$125.95 per month


        Page Website

$147.00 per month


nashville web design 3.png
nashville web design 5.png
nashville web design 7.png

Paid Annually

Convenience and Service Charges May Apply.

Subscription-Based Solutions


We start with prepackaged bundles adding in your images and words, and build an updated website unique to your specific needs. No contracts, no minimums. Pay as you go! Cancel anytime. Full price consists of a one-time set up fee and hosting renewals, plus monthly subscription. Pay per month, or for added discounts pay annually.

Regardless of your amount of content, your budget or your needs, we will build the right site for all of the above!

Hybrid pricing available as well; start with a subscription, add on custom pages as you go!

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