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  • What does it mean everytime you state "conversion" agenda of your website design?"
    Nashville Web Design .BIZ websites are built to serve a variety of purposes: 1. Enhanced and elevated representation of your business, talent, skill, product, service, display, etc. 2. Capturing online traffic and Google search. 3. Appearing aesthetically pleasing. 4. Excellent flow and User Experience. 5. Functionality - Not only a good looking website but one that helps you and your audience in defined functions and/or transaction operations. 6. Information - Provide details and expertise in your particular field of expertise. 7. Build a customer base/audience and ultimately create the conversion(s) intended. “Conversion” reflects your website goals, which varies by organization. Examples of conversion goals include donations, purchases, ticket sales, membership fees, email sign-ups, volunteer sign-ups, new membership form completions, information request submissions, calls to your organization, or time spent reading content on your website. “Conversions” are the goals that best reflect the desired actions of your website visitors.
  • What is “proper website design per page”?
    Many clients want to cram as much information and content as they can into a single page. At Nashville Web Design .BIZ however, we highly recommend categorization and itemized organization where possible. This is not to just rack up the cost of the website, but more so for proper user-experience design. All with the ultimate goal of enhanced understanding, consumption, retention, interest, conversion and your visitors thereby leaving your website feeling like it was a helpful and pleasing experience and spreading the word to others. Cramming causes more damage in lost opportunities due to overload and an overwhelming attack of information as an unneeded barrage of data. When it’s too much, the customer leaves your site, and typically heads to your competitors website instead. The same happens with when it's not enough content as well. At Nashville Web Design .BIZ we help ensure the best balance between both. Content is king; and the more there is to offer, the better the website, the more legitimate the source, the more details for the audience to observe, the more opportunities for SEO, and the more engagement from your visitors. And with proper NWD.BIZ website design of all that content, the customer experiences an invitation to peruse the volume of content at a comfortable pace, compelled to more. Where the same information is still available, but delivered in an organized, well thought, professional website layout. And you can always tell the difference in a website just splattered with junk, confusion, disarray, and ultimately disinterested customers vs. a successful, professional designed and strategized website design like Nashville Web Design .BIZ. Just ask us, we can show you plenty versions of each. When your content and your messaging seems to take a different turn outside the rest of the existing page content, that’s the cue to add another page, specific to the next message. The separation of messaging is a more 'enjoyable' and purposeful user experience at your NWD.BIZ website.
  • SSL Certification Required or Optional?
    SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock within the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. If your website doesn't collect sensitive data, like credit cards or social security numbers, you may not have needed an SSL certificate in the past. However, with the new browser notices, it's now important to ensure every website has an SSL certificate and is loaded via HTTPS. Google has announced that going HTTPS — adding a SSL 2048-bit key certificate on your site — will give you a minor ranking boost. Google says this gives websites a small ranking benefit, only counting as a “very lightweight signal” within the overall ranking algorithm.
  • What does it mean when you state "Portal to the Internet"?"
    Websites are much like buying a car. You can buy a base model, or you can add options. Similar, once you buy the car you have to buy fuel to make it run. "Portal to the Internet" is much like the fuel needed to make the website run. Essentially, there is a two-step process. 1.) NWD.BIZ provides the service developing your website. We start with a base model and we can always add options along the way to make your website more engaging and functional for you and your audience. Once the Nashville Web Design .BIZ website development is completed however, we need to then 2.) port your site to the Internet to make it to run. This consists of hosting via the CMS so the website ‘lives’ on the Internet. Otherwise it just sits within the CMS and there is no existence (much like your new car would remain on the lot, without the gas to drive it away). Within the hosting functionality, the location on the Internet has a specific address where it lives. This is your domain so people know where to find your website. Your custom domain is much like a vanity plate on your car. Instead of incomprehensible numbers, you assign something more palatable to you and your audience. The hosting and domain service is always recommended through us as a turnkey service so that the website is on the same CMS hosting, allowing easier troubleshooting if a problem arises, and more stable operations throughout the life-cycle of your website. When porting your website to a custom domain, the hosting is required via the CMS and it is based on their pricing structure. Hence you see two line items in our quotes. 1.) Website development that we determine pricing at Nashville Web Design .BIZ and 2.) The portal service where pricing is determined by the CMS that we use as the toolbox to build your website. The option does exist however, should you decide to utilize your own domain service and set up. And we can port the website to your own domain if you would rather do so. It's highly recommended to avoid this separation however, because the opportunity then exists for the back and forth between vendors; that it's a domain issue, no it's a development issue, no it's a domain issue, and so forth. When we offer the turnkey service 1.) You therefore do not have to work with the hosting and domain setups yourself and with your own proper technical synchronization parameters and 2.) It’s a much more efficient and reliable set up for the entire project helping ensure the stability of your website. Therefore, the "Portal to Internet" is the second line item in a quote, to port your new website to the Internet.
  • Do you provide Support service after the launch of my website?
    Yes. Fortunately, in the website-development business, we ​get to build long lasting relationships with our clients. In the world of websites, content is king. The more we can continue to refresh a site, update, expand and provide new and ever changing messaging to direct the viewer to the conversion desired, the audience continually has a reason to return to your website; both human audiences and the electronic Google inspectors as well. ​In doing so, we not only get to remain involved with our customer's growth in their websites, but support after the launch also mirrors growth in their business. Many others just build a website for a client and then walk away with a handshake and well-wishing for "good luck!"​​ Which in some cases works, but we hope to help keep our clients moving and shaking their way into their future growth and success stories. ​At Nashville Web Design .BIZ not only do we want to succeed in our own biz, but we want to engage and help others succeed in theirs. Thereby creating what we also hope will be a long lasting, and prosperous relationship for many years after we launch their site. Ask us about a Support plan to continue the updates, revisions and continued partnership with your biz, after the launch. Typically billed as an estimate of how much work will be involved moving forward. ​Request Support plan pricing at
  • Nashville Web Design .BIZ Website Workflow Process
    A website is a somewhat complex project to traverse. There is an incredible amount of skill, design, technical prowess in the professionalism that goes into a great website. It all starts at the beginning however, and step 1 is what sets apart Nashville Web Design .BIZ – this is the part we really care about and work to support the most; YOU. A Nashville Web Design .BIZ website workflow proceeds as follows: 1. Business Discovery: Goals. - To learn where you are in your business now, and where you want to be. So that we don't just build a digital structure and there it just sits, but more so, how can we make it work best for you and provide the most return on your investment. - Then to work our way to pricing, to brainstorm and just strategize outside of the box, any ideas to implement into your site - no holds barred - if we can think it, let's toss it in the hat. - When (roughly) would you like to launch your site? - Then from there, we gather those ideas roughed into a preliminary design of features and functionality, 2. Fine Tune a Website Plan to Determine: Messaging Silos Search Keywords Functionality Architecture Features Conversion objectives Aesthetics etc. 3. Outline Full Project Scope and Budget: Client can provide a budget and we plan the project scope from financial allocation and Business Discovery. We can propose a given plan with a given pricetag. Discuss options. We can make adjustments and recalculate the plan and the expense. 4. Signoff, Deposit, Content gathering: Agreement in writing to scope of project. Collect 50% deposit to being production. Collect/Produce textual and multimedia content. 5. Client Approval: submit HOME page design options for client approval 6. Website Development: Complete construction of the website to local development server. 7. Testing: Quality Assurance, usability testing, link verification, copy editing, final multimedia deployment. 8. Port to Internet: Deploy Website from Dev Server to Internet via hosting and Domain allocation. Turnkey service recommended from CMS server and domain registration – incurs portal fees. Client has the option to provide Domain and DNS setup at their own expense. Collect remaining 50% balance and launch. 9. Determine maintenance and support needs for future updates, revisions, content refresh, etc. 10. Promote your Website!
  • Continual Solicitation for SEO Services - Do I need this?
    You certainly have to make the decisions best for your own goals, but when delivering a website from Nashville Web Design .BIZ, SEO structuring is already built in. Many receive solicitations such as the following: "I am Sanjeev Yadav, Marketing Manager with a reputable online marketing company based in India. We can fairly quickly promote your website to the top of the search rankings with no long term contracts!" And while yes, we all want to be the top ranking, and there are methods to help do so - the only real way, still not a gurantee, is to buy a PPC Advertising campaign. Notice most every top search result is an Ad, in Google. For organic search however, Nashville Web Design .BIZ already enacts SEO friendly tactics within every web site that goes out the door. We are happy to discuss revised SEO campaigns at anytime, but know first and foremost, with which no marketer-solicitation can help unless they are soliciting others in your circles for YOUR request, that your best SEO is to gain backlinking, drive traffic, and provide SEO-rich content on your website, to engage, inform, and help others with the information they are seeking. All of which your Nashville Web Design .BIZ rep will discuss for inclusive SEO strategy in your website delivery. Proper website design includes SEO integration up front. Not as an afterthought, where a company in India, or some massive conglomerate in the US, is going to help after the fact. If you have no SEO integrated into your site, yes - integration is imperative. But if you have purchased your website from a reliable, professional website developer, SEO should be an automatic inclusion, like the sites from Nashville Web Design .BIZ You can click to find a few more thoughts and warnings at our blog.
  • What is available for the Starving Artist discount program?
    As fellow musicians, wanna-be actors, and music industry veterans, the arts are near and dear to our hearts at NashvilleWebDesign.BIZ. And with all the experience and years in this business of entertainment, we are experts at not only the requirements of an artists website, but also the deep desire to help in a field where is it such a challenge to be appreciated for your craft and even more so to be paid fairly for your work. In a world where a buyer thinks that since you are creative, enjoy your work and you 'play' onstage, plus a wealth of others available to do the same, no need to pay. Many have seen the Facebook post about hiring bands to play, to instead hire 5 or 6 plumbers to come in for 4 hours at night, set up and tear down before and after, and spend years in training to do so, to see what they would charge for their jobs? But instead of ranting from a soapbox, we would rather put our money where our mouth is, help build careers and promote the talent and the skills of the artist instead. We know the biz, we love the biz and we are in the biz. More so, we love success in the biz, and we are here to help make it happen with a great NashvilleWebDesign.BIZ website! Band/Musician/Singer/Songwriter Websites: Websites for musicians can include Artist Bio, Tour Dates, Music Player, News Section, Video Features, Riders and more! Photographer Websites: Websites for photgraphers can include Image Galleries, Production Specs, Shooting Options, Online Booking, Bio, Digital Image Delivery and more! Author Websites: Websites for authors can include Author Bio, Sample Chapter Downloads, Book Summaries, Event Calendar and more! Actor/Model Websites: Websites for actors/models can include a Bio, Photo Galleries, Booking Calendar, Resume, Demo Reel, IMDb links and more!
  • Does a website cost al lot?
    How much does it cost - The answer depends solely on how much you want your website to do for you. IF not alot, then so is the price. Every business has/needs a website. Those that value their business more will make the investment. Those that see only a price tag over product will continue to stand in their own way, and deny their business its due enhancemement of enhanced Messaging, Branding, Technology Integration, Business Operations, Marketing, Sales, Transactions and Global Reach. If you are reading this, then you are probably not that person, and you realize that success requires effort and invesement to succeed. You already recognize that without a prefossional website to represent your business, it probably costs you more in losses than gains - It costs you more in lost potential, lost earnings. lost exposure, lost growth and lost abilities. With everyone looking for everyone and everything online, and you're not there to be seen - it's the online version of being in business for yourself and no one knows you even exist. It's just like you've built your store in the middle of an empty, desolate field and no one knows you are there. Including your cash flow. That's the bad news when you don't have a website. But don't just take our word for it; Business, Design and Branding Expert, Chris Do identifies the 3 crucial must-haves for any company:1. Identity 2. Website 3. that order... Having your own website is a far better option than building your online presence on top of another service’s URL, e.g. or This practice of building your brand, service, or web presence on another organization’s platform is an example of “sharecropping”, and can be problematic for a number of reasons. The good news however, is that a Nashville Web Design .BIZ website isn't all that expensive in the grand scheme of success! And just like everything else you've invested in your business to produce a profit, your NWD.BIZ website is just a standard cost of business operations as well. It's another tool in your arsenal of income. But it's an incredibly cersatile tool required for success. Your website is your home base representation on the internet for enhanced Marketing, Education, Information, Messaging, Branding, Technology Integration, Business Operations, Marketing, Sales, Transactions and Global Reach. First off, NWD.BIZ pricing is super inexpensive for a great site. And the beauty is that you can determine how much you will spend. For example, it's usually only $299 per page for our custom-built websites. We can start with a grand plan of the ultimate site, or we can provide an example of some of the pages we would recommend for your custom website. We build your website from the ground up. Like building your customized structure on a digital lot. And you decide how much you want to spend based on how much you want to build. We build an original site, specific to your unique needs and opportunities. As another option, we offer subscription pricing as well, that helps you just pay as you go, with plans starting at $24.95/month. Where instead of the upfront custom-build-from scratch noted above, you pay monthly for the use of the website as you need it, and it’s more like renting a building already built. You pay as you go, and cancel any time you'd like. In both cases, and perhaps a hybrid, we can start in a very modular manner. So that your website starts with whatever your budget allows. Maybe just a page or two, maybe a full-blown multi page in-depth website that provides everything your customer could ever need. If you know what you need, we are here to deliver. If you don’t know exactly, we are here to provide the expertise, and deliver what you hope it to be. Whichever, the ultimate goal at Nashville Web Design .BIZ is to publish your most important messaging and operations, and help entice your ultimate conversion(s) desired. Plus, as the website helps build the business, then the added business helps build the website as you grow into the future; we build on, you grow more, we build on, you grow more...And so continues the cycle. The approach taken in a Nashville Web Design .BIZ website service, is to help a business at whatever level they may be now, and help get them to where they plan for the future. We work with you to grow everything in to the future. Together, we succeed. Years down the road we look back and say remember when that site was just a page or two! Now look at 'er go!! Then there is also a third option to make the Nashville Web Design .BIZ website the price whatever you'd actually want it to be! If pricing is your overriding priority, then we can build what ever is possible for the budget you have to work with - and continue on with the same philosophy to grow the site in the future. Again, Nashville Web Design .BIZ’s goal as a website vendor, is not only to work with like minded, driven, successful and talented people, but more so to build a digital tool to help reach everyone with their heads down in their computers and phone screens, to capture more business for YOUR continued growth and success. If you are truly interested in your professionalism in your representation, expanding your reach, your messaging, your work and ultimately your sales, then we'd be happy to talk about making that happen for you. For pricing, what works best for you? We will find a way. Because truly, it costs you more in the long run, when you don't have one of our websites at all. And none of us want to see failure when there was a successful solution the whole time; contact us now: info@NashvilleWebDesign.BIZ
  • I have Facebook free, why would I pay for a website?"
    Facebook is imperative as well - but it's only a part of the digital marketing puzzle. And it's 3rd in line from the top. But don't justtake our word for it; Business, Design and Branding Expert, Chris Do identifies the 3 crucial must-haves for any modern-day company: 1. Identity 2. Website 3. Social that order... And something most never realize: the ultimate conversion on Facebook is to click a like and a share. The ultimate conversion on your website is a sale, or a booking, or whatever it may be for your intended goals. LIKE your biz vs. BUY your biz. Facebook is imperative yes, to create a buzz about your business. Helpful, no, for actually making money, or conducting your business. Your Facebook page is conversational. Your NWD.BIZ website is operational. Facebook builds popularity. Your website builds profits. As the expert says above, social is to build conversations and relationships with your customers. Then you push them to your website to conduct your business. Facebook and social pages are like the open-end to the funnel, sending everyone to your website. Then your website is where you actually provide representation of yourself and conduct your business. Facebook is like a net to cast, to get folks into your store. , just like the fisherman needs to get the fish in his boat. But he needs the boat before the net. Or just like the sidewalk in front of the storefront, when you want everyone to enter the front door. And the website is your actual store. But the store has to be built before anyone can walk in from the sidewalk. Facebook-only is cart before the horse. Another downfall to Facebook-only is that, well, to be frank -- Anyone can build a Facebook page. And your highly esteemed business has now been minimized to absolutely nothing special whatsoever. You have now done the same thing billions of others have. And just a personal Marketing-based opinion, it makes you look cheap. Everyone knows FB is free. And THAT's what you choose as representation of yourself? With just a free Facebook page, you are nothing anymore special than the next Facebook page ahead of you. And if you won't invest in your own business, why hire you as in investment in someone else's. The overwhelming majority of legitimate and trustworthy businesses have a website, even if a small 2 or 3 page version thereof. It's just a standard cost of modern-day business operations - just like all the other tools you've invested in, to hone your craft; Rent, Tools, Special equipment, Professional services, Staff, Transportation, Utilities, Payroll, Website. ALL are outgoing expenses for added incoming profits. Businesses have a website to show professional representation of the businesses they build. NWD.BIZ websites provide legitimacy, operations, transactions, efficiency, customization, automation, branding and customer’s confidence where their money is going to be spent. If you cheap out with just a Facebook page as the best you can do for your own biz, why would a customer have any faith in your business that you won’t cheap out on them too? But even more important you can actually conduct business on your website and utilize your resources more efficiently. You can do so much more with your own website for your own needs, AND your customer's needs. When there is a choice of a business with just a Facebook page, vs. your competitors with Facebook and their own professionally built digital structure claiming their own legitimate expertise and pride in their business to serve their customers, which would you suspect wins the customer? Without a website, you already offer less than your competitors do. Less opportunity, less care, less concern and less customers. Again, not recommending the omission of a Facebook page. A Facebook page is imperative as well, but it’s to socialize with and help grow a population, all so you can funnel them into your website to conduct business with you. Both your website and social pages are imperative to catch the masses on their computers and cell phones - no question. But without our website, the Facebook page is like a front door to an empty house of nothing. And that’s likely the same that your customer will do with your business offerings – nothing. They will click to your competitor instead. The short version – You unfortunately appear amateur and inexperienced. If only a Facebook page, you often look cheap, and unprofessional. In addition, you more than likely miss out on the masses using Google, that are in search of everything you have to offer. It looks like you’re not serious about your own business. Let alone the transactions that would follow. With our website representing your business and your talent, you appear far more entrusting with a professional display of pride in yourself, your business, your messaging, your talent, skills, products and services. Celebrate them all successfully! With Facebook-only, the perception is that you simply ‘appear’ less reliable and trusted as a resource. And we know that's not truly the case. But there’s only one chance to make a first impression, and with Facebook only - you probably missed.
  • Do I really need to invest in a website?
    Your website shows what kind of business you are. Your potential customers will click to your website and make their decisions based on their Online experience with your company. If they experience a crappy website, most will quickly assume that you then offer crappy products and crappy service to back it up. They then quickly click away, over to your competitor to spend their money with someone else, instead. We are here to help avoid that disastrous click! Instead, we are here to provide an incredible website representing an incredible business with incredible services and products! We are here to help gain clicks deeper into your website for your desired conversion. And help procvide success for both you and your customer! To keep them continually coming back for more. So the short answer is YES - regarldess who builds your site, if you are seeking success in your business, you need a great website, and here are a few more reasons why: Create a “Long-Lasting” First Impression Often when local customers are looking for a “local” business to either assist them with something or even a local shop. A well-made, inviting and engaging website results in leads either by phone or email if you are a professional and you either do not have a website or it is not as professional as you are, you will be overlooked by the market. Everything about your small business is reparenting you and what you can provide. You need to treat it as a BRAND. Look Ready for Business A professional website can make a start-up business look and perform like one of the big boys. When your site appears near the top of the search results page, because your content & images sparkle and your layout & navigation workflow is engaging, you’ll know when your website is up to the scratch when you are able to compete with larger and older sites in your market niche. Easy Access to New Customers As a local business, you probably have a loyal existing customer base, with a website those loyal customers can refer your site to their friends and relatives using only your web address and they can instantly see what you offer and if you are professional enough to go ahead with, remember first impressions are everything. Also, random or organic visitors who come to your site via search engines will find you and stay with you if they find what they are looking for. Search engines are powerful tools and search engine optimisation tools are an equal opportunity way to be found. Encourage Two-Way Communication By having chat tools on your website customers can quickly and easily contact you with questions without even sending an email or filling in the contact form, some chat programs let you be proactive as they let you know if customers are on your website so you can approach them to see if they need help, almost like they are in store. You can also set up forms and surveys on your website that will allow your customers to send feedback and opinions so you can improve your service. Peek Into What You Customers Are Doing On Your Website Just like when customers are in-store and they are browsing, you can get a feel of what they are doing and maybe why they are not buying your products or services. Well, there is software out there that does the same thing. We use HotJar, it’s fantastic and gives insight into how your potential customers are engaging with your website and more importantly identify any parts of your website that is not optimised correctly and may need a tweak to get more customers buying. Hotjar can give you video recordings of the visitor’s actions on the website and also heatmaps which show you hot spots on your website where visitors have clicked and moved their mouse to. Reviewing Your Analytics As part of our SEO Packages, we review the analytics provided by Google Analytics and other tools to monitor, amend and track visitor information and how they are engaging with the website and through search engines, also specifically targeting local area’s is vital to getting the right demographic onto your website. If you want to do this yourself then by adding an analytics tool like Google Analytics, you’ll have a powerful tool that will inform you of your visitors, their locations and demographics and so much more. Without a website, you will not be able to track this information. Expand Your Visibility Let’s face it if you are reading this you probably aren’t a big brand store or a nationally known brand. But even if you are a start-up or small business, you’ll gain more visibility on the Internet with a website than without one FACT. The main reason for this is because millions of people are searching the Internet at any one time and you might be the one business that has what they are looking for. Don’t miss this party. Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness Every piece of promotional material that you put out there should have your website address on it to show customers that you are a “proper” company and it will help you gain additional exposure and encourage visitors to check your website out for more information and even place orders when your premises is closed. By distributing your website address you are expanding your reach and offering more than one promotional avenue to your audience. Mobile-friendly Design There was a time when small business owners only had access to a website that was best seen on a desktop. If you wanted a mobile website, you’d have to recreate the website in a mobile format or create an app. But now its standard practice to make websites responsive. Responsive websites allow your information to be seen on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The site will “shrink” intelligently so all your information can be read clearly. Always require responsive design when having your website built. All of the websites we create are responsive and we find that at least half of all visitors come from a mobile device! That’s a staggering percentage, if your website is not mobile-friendly then you are losing out in shed load of customers. Easy to Use and Always Up to Date If maintained and created properly your website should always be kept up to date and “current”. If your website is set up properly even the busiest business owner can make changes and edit easily from any device. Don’t pay a programmer every time you need a change to your website, have them set it up properly so you can make the changes, this way never again will you have outdated pricing information on your website for your customers to challenge you on. Expand Your Market Local businesses generally have a small client base, they serve a particular area, however, with a well-crafted and optimized website you can break through the geographical barriers and become accessible from anywhere in the world. Selling products online has become cheaper and easier for you and your customers. Extend Your Local Reach By extending the local reach to customers across the globe, your business will be able to take orders 24/7 365 days/year. Imagine sleeping and making money at the same time! You can provide your customers with all the information they need to make informed decisions. Local search has been a high priority for Google in the last few years and they have created tools to help you market your business to desktop and mobile visitors alike. When You Change Locations As your website is bringing in more customers you may need a bigger store or warehouse, and if you move premises customers can still find you because your main marketing tool can be updated, and customers can easily access it. Your website is flexible and if your search engine optimisation (SEO) is done properly your business will appear to online visitors who search for you. Save Money, Reduce Environment Impact by not Printing and Distributing content. A website can act as your online brochure or store that can be changed or updated at any time. If you use a content management system (CMS) you can make changes quickly and at no charge. Its fiddly and costly to have material printed and you need to constantly be doing it to keep customers up to date with your product, let alone bad for the environment. With a flexible website, you can add new content at no cost and the customer can access at any time, over and over again. Easy To Build An Email Marketing List By adding subscriber and sign-up forms to your website, you will be able to automate the collection of email addresses to add to your email marketing list (ensure they have given you consent to email them of course). Having well-written and optimised content will convert visitors into leads and even buyers. Legitimate email addresses can be hard to come by, but you can make it easier for visitors to sign up because they are interested in what you have to say. Own Your Internet Brand Identity Having a domain name ( establishes strong online brand identity. Couple that up with a personalised email address for the company, yourself and your employees. This serves to build your brand and look professional. Improve Productivity Having a website will increase your company’s productivity because less time is spent explaining product or service details to customers because all this information should be made available on your website so customers can view it 24 hours a day. This self-serve opportunity will give you more time to engage with your customer and better serve them. Educate Your Customers Your website can offer free advice about your products and services. This information can be delivered in a well thought out and consistent way so all customers get the same information any time they want it. Some visitors might take a quick glance and place their order quickly while others might review and analyse every inch of your product before they make a purchase. By adding loads of quality information to your pages and products you can satisfy both the customer and SEO. Promote & Sell Products & Services You should provide professional photos and detailed descriptions of your products or services. Explain to your customers why your products or services are superior to the competition. Explain to visitors how your products or services can benefit them in their personal or professional lives. Updating your products/services periodically you’ll keep on top of the search results and pique the interest of your customers as new products become available. Promote Your Brick and Mortar Footprint Displaying crucial information on your website that’s available 24/7 means that mobile users can find your premises using their mobile phone. Today, the majority (60%+) of searches are now done by mobile devices vs. desktops. This means that customers won’t be looking you up at home, they’ll be searching for you on the road. Use Specific Pages as Training Aids or Sales Tools If you have spent time creating great content on your website there’s no need to produce static or printed material. You can use product information pages to educate or train staff, suppliers and customers. Printed material old fashioned, creates waste, bad for the environment and eventually go out of date BUT your website is ever fresh and up to date (assuming you keep it that way). Great Tool for Finding New Employees Recruitment agencies are often expensive and even posting a job on sites like Reed or Indeed can also be costly, so with your own website you can advertise the roles available and it also gives the candidate somewhere to read up on what you do and the services/products you offer. So, when you ask that dreaded question in the interview “So, what do you know about us?” they have half a chance at answering it properly because your business is online. Improve Customer Service Perhaps the most important benefit of having a small business website is to improve your customer service. Information requests can be processed immediately and electronically. Special deals and bonus buys can be positioned on the site and broadcast through email and text messages. Customer reviews and concerns can be gathered online, and action can be quickly taken. Bottom line: If you don’t have a website, your company is at a huge disadvantage. But we can save that from happening - Contact us today!
  • I can build it myself: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional
    A tool won’t make you productive. Without the skill to support it, a tool is useless. For example, I might know how to hammer a nail, but I don't know how to build a house!? And with plenty of DIY website builders available, the tools are there. and IF the know how, expertise and experience is as well - great, by all means utilize the tools and the technology that have presented themselves. Building websites rocks! (even as geeky as it may sound, it's true! : ) But if you have the tools to build a website, but lack the know how for proper implemtation, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Website development can be a very intricate process requiring a vast amount of experience to get it right. There is so much more than just ‘drag and drop a pretty picture’ as shown in the marketing ads. From the creativity and design, the flow, the content and the visual impact, to the proper user experience, successful interaction, marketing and messaging, features and functionality, to the very most important aspect in a professional design; the success and growth that a website provides in helping a business thrive. There’s also the technical aspect with all the elements of proper SEO, Hosting services, HTML customization, JAVA scripts, CSS, FTP uploads, DNS servers, all entailed in your work required of the activation in a digital territory. Some are great at all of the above, but if you have a look around, some of the DIY sites out there obviously lack the expertise in professional website development required for an audience to actually spend time on the website. About 3 seconds in, and you’re clicking toward a competitor instead. And for all the time, effort, expense, and more so the loss in an audience due to an inferior representation, the DIYer never had a chance to succeed. But when you’re not going to make the proper investments, in whatever professional service it may be, you’re chances of failure increase exponentially, and your website, even more so. But it’s not just the DIYer’s fault, when the CMS companies that pop out of the woodwork daily, are jumping all over the shiny new Website DIY bandwagon. “Build your website for Free!” they claim. Yes, but then you have to pay to actually use it or build in any resourceful functionality. They would not be investing millions of dollars in advertising if they did not make more money in return. It’s not free. Nothing is free, neither is a DIY website. “It’s easy!” they claim. Yes, and so is building the transmission in your car when you have all the tools, experience and know-how to do so. “But it looks so easy in the YouTube ads?” 'Ads' being the active; it’s advertising. And just like a car show rebuilding a ’73 Camaro making it look so easy, there is SO much more you are not exposed to in the name of sales, marketing and advertising. Yes, drop a picture here; place your logo there. They make it look so easy. They don’t show you when your picture’s aspect ratio is different for another screen. Or how the photo sizing can affect the load speed of the site. They don’t show you when your logo overrides other elements and how to build a great design for the other as well. Keywords, Anchors!? What‘s a keyword? What’s an anchor? Is it just magic that converts the appearance on your computer screen to your phone screen? The list goes on and on and on. Do you build your own house? You can! It’s easy! Everything is available to do it yourself! Do you grab the hammer and nails and get to it? Or do you buy one that was built by a professional? Do you build your own computer? You can! Everything is available to do it yourself! Do you grab the circuit boards and the soldering iron and get to it? Or do you buy one that was built by a professional? Do you produce your own music to listen to? You can! Everything is available to do it yourself! Do you grab a guitar and a microphone and get to it? Or do you buy music that was produced by a professional? Also to note, without the experience, the tools and the know how, the DIYer is in for continual frustration, lost time and money, distraction from their core business and ultimately an inferior result that could cost them their business, let alone the efforts wasted on a failed attempt. If you build you’re own house, it could collapse on you. IF you build your own transmission, it could strand you on the highway. If you produce your own music, it could sound horrible. It might not, it may be great! But is it as great as the time away from your own expertise? In most cases, when you don’t know what you’re doing, the results show exactly that. We are here so you can focus on your expertise. Hire professionals for theirs. In our case, our profession is to help you with yours. All to say, yes, you can build your own website. Everything is available to do so. And for those with the background, experience, knowledge, and yes sometimes even an uncanny knack for doing so, you can build your own website. But for those without, just because you can grab a wrench and some pliers, does not mean you can build a car. And even sometimes if you can, does not mean you should. If you want to build a toy website and have fun, yes, it’s a great way to do so. By all means, enjoy some of the experiences we get to. Our biased opinion is that websites are amazing to build, an amazing work of art, content, production, design and technology. And for Nashville Web Design .BIZ, we get an amazing bonus to then launch for our clients, for their use and the growth of their own interests. It’s an amazing process from concept to completion. But when it really matters; when your business, your talent, your products, your services and when so much is on the line, when you want to build more online presence and professional representation of your brand, when your hobbies and your career are important, when you want to succeed; make the investment, hire a Professional. It’s advice that applies to ANY aspect of your business. For a professional website, contact us today!
  • How Much Does a Logo Design Cost?
    Whether you own a startup or established business, having a professional logo is beneficial on many levels. It builds trust, increases awareness, creates an emotional attachment — and ultimately, can deliver new customers. But how much should it cost? A lower-end logo design starts at $200. One should expect a simple logo design to cost approximately $200. A simple design is typically a logo with a well-defined company name and mark. Intricate patterns and complex lettering may increase the price of the logo. The finished design should be clear, unique and professional. The definition of simple will vary from person to person, which is why we think it is important to work together throughout the design process. Clear direction helps create better logos. At this price point, we provide at least two concepts and two rounds of changes if needed. An intermediate design warrants a $500 to $800 price tag. A logo design with intricate patterns and fonts typically costs more. The increased value typically comes with extras, including up to 10 original logo designs to choose from and unlimited changes until you are pleased with the results. We can aso add in custom concepts for business cards, envelopes and letterheads as well. We work to provide at least three concepts for each type of stationery. Spending more gets you more bang for your buck in the way of creative talent and additional design services. We will procvide a sophisticated logo, saved in a multiple formats for your print and online branding needs. Complex logo designs run $1,200 and up. If you’ve been in business for a while, and you’re ready to invest in the perfect, custom logo for the long-term, then it’s time to step up your game. Investing upwards of $1,200 will get you a team of dedicated designers with the knowledge and expertise to develop a powerful, creative logo with just the right blend of shapes, colors and typography. You’ll also get a higher level of specialty branding services requiring art direction and long hours spent at the drawing table. We provide you with full ownership of your logo design, including all the files, fonts and color codes. This investment delivers more illustrative, complex logos with custom artwork and the right look and feel for your business.
  • Nashville Web Design .BIZ Terms & Conditions
    By commisioning Nashville Web Design .BIZ services, all parties agree to and adhere to Nashville Web Design .BIZ terms and conditions noted in disclaimers available for review.
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