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About Nashville Web Design .BIZ

Director of Production Operations

Your audience is out there - Nashville Web Design .BIZ is here to help you reach them!

Qualifications, Experience and Passion;  Websites, Content and Marketing.

Hello friends - I'm Brian, Director of Production Operations for Nashville Web Design .BIZ. In a previous life I spent a decade helping build, maintain and oversee websites at Viacom/CMT, and now hoping to provide the same service for you.


I was copywriter for music, launched the first CMT Social pages, became a content producer, became the SEO for, provided photography for CMT Online, Mobile and Social outlets, provided video programming for CMT broadcast, I produced a few show franchises and I ran the hundreds of digital artist pages of country music performers, ranging from unknown names to the biggest names in music.


Prior to building entertainment–based websites for country music television, I had a partnership back home building websites for new homes communities, construction builders and law firms.

Nashville Web Designs - Your Website Audience is Waiting

Making my move to Nashville presented opportunities to focus on entertainment websites and align with my dreams in the biz. I’ve been lucky to succeed in my musical goals in not only performing and producing but also playing promotional, marketing and digital exposure roles in the careers of today's biggest stars. I’ve worn many hats including digital, musical, production and marketing. In addition to being a web designer, I am a drummer, songwriter, I'm a recording engineer and producer, video producer and concert producer. I am an experienced professional in the industry side, the performance side, and the production side of the entertainment business. I am a small business owner, I've worked hours on-end in the corporate cubicle, I've been a freelancer, and said yes when answering the phone for a variety of other duties too. For more background, and a better look into Nashville Web Design .BIZ 'events,' click to some of my credits in shows and live production as well. All the while building websites along the way.


I mention all of this, not to pontificate over my resume, but more so for your benefit. In sharing some background information for your own research; just wanted to provide insight to my well-rounded expertise, hoping you will find me to be an invaluable asset to your website agenda.


Not only do I bring experience to the table, but I also bring passion; I love building websites!


I love the creativity and design, the flow, the content, the visual impact, the interaction, the functionality and more than anything the success and growth that a website provides, helping a business thrive. And I’m amazed how it all comes together; I think the Internet is a fascinating platform where your site lives. Similar to a brick and mortar mall that so many visit for their consumer needs, the internet is the digital version of the giant shopping mall online. It has every kind of shop and store imaginable. It's full of consumers looking for your business or just roaming around to see what you have available. For everyone in the mall, your website is their giant digital window display. It’s the invitation for them to come through the front door, click their way to your intended transactions and find their way to your wares; Your wares that they would have otherwise missed without your website for them to find your virtual location. And where many used to look up their business destinations in the Yellow Pages, everyone now looks on Google. Without your website included, your business doesn't exist, therefore missing all those searches online. Plus the digital mall never closes. Your website is in operation 24/7.


I look forward to building this digital structure for you, learning more about your goals, your drive for success, and helping launch some tools to get you there. If you're still with me this far, thank you for reading. I hope it helps you get to know the person a little better, that will be building your website hopefully soon. Websites are my tools for talent, skills and expertise. But the product I offer for sale however, is reliability, trust and partnership. And I’m proud to deliver.


To make it happen, please fill out the informational form that helps me help you. Let's get started today!


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