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We want to help your business thrive!

HELLO HEROES! We are looking for you!! is seeking Donors and Recipients for our Veterans Network 'website 4 heroes' program. You can click below to read more but the quick version is:

1. Do you have a veteran-owned business or know someone that does, interested in not only upgrading their online headquarters with a FREE professional website, but representing online everything they have to offer and the causes they stand for?

2. Do you know any sponsorship and philanthropic donors that would like to help a veteran succeed in their goals, so our above recipients, can get their FREE custom-built website, housing their products for sale, their services available, and their talents that everyone should know! Please join us becoming a vessel to help make it all happen for them!


If you answer yes to either, please Contact Us and let’s make it happen for our guys and gals out there serving past, present and future! Please read below for more details, please share our link, and please donate to the cause:

INSPIRATION: Hello, I'm Brian: I build websites specifically for Veteran-owned businesses, which I then donate as a way to contribute to their success, and I actively pursue funding partnerships to sustain this meaningful work.


Veterans Network is a new launch to deploy as my own personal contribution and ability to give back to our military heroes. I have never served in the military and could probably never survive the atrocities that these soldiers endure on a continual basis. They sometimes experience situations in their daily lives that no one should ever have to experience at all. As I often share with our vets, “thank you for sleeping in a foxhole, or on top of a tank at night, a million miles away, so I can sleep in my bed at home, peacefully and safe.”


Veterans Network Free Websites for Veterans Kid Rock Tribute.jpg

Veterans Network is a compilation of websites built-out and donated to various Veteran causes. While I don't have the money, or the reach to help with much other than saying thank you, I do build great websites to help their business thrive, get their messages across and help support the causes Veterans hold strong, near and dear to their hearts. Which typically results in helping more of their fellow Veterans through struggles, coping mechanisms and release outlets that many former soldiers require for reacclimation between the very different worlds in which they live.


Here where I CAN contribute and help make a difference in the lives of those who have been out there saving mine, I am asking for your help in doing so!

SITUATION: Veteran-based, or veterans-cause business are trying to operate but have no funding either, therefore unable to pay for my websites. In doing so, it compounds their obstacles and further deters their efforts keeping them from an online platform to enhance, promote and grow their business, their wares, their cause and ease in their daily operational transactions.


In addition, as a website and production-business provider, I am financially unable to take on the the demands of the services and maintain the operational costs for not only my business but also my own employment therein.


So these amazing humans are hit twice with the odds against them to succeed in their own cause and their own goals because neither they nor I have the funds to support. They were able to fight through bomb mortars and bullets but cannot fight through the lack of funding and promotion for their own businesses. And with the imperative needs of any business, a website and the content to fill it, Veterans Network helps provide these tools for them to grow, and disarm the barriers that hold them back.


Plus, many of these Veteran-based businesses are to support/prevent other veteran hardships. And even worse, their recipients are the ones that truly miss out by the trickle down from lacks of funding.

REQUEST: Any donation amount available, to support a growing list of Veteran-cause recipients:

A website isn’t much in comparison to a soldier's sacrifice, but when it helps with their goals, their causes and in turn enables them to help someone else that may have otherwise missed out, we can pass on many thanks even in the most miniscule of manners. We are seeking contributing partners able to donate the funding and the support for Veterans Network to give back and donate these websites required for more veterans' success stories.


Can you donate? Can you please provide corporate or private funding, grants, philanthropic donations, etc. to build these websites for these guys? 

The funds would be applied in three phases of the project as quickly as the checks are written:

1. Discovery - Onsite visits and understanding of the business, the goals, the needs and reviewing potential digital opportunities and enhancements.

2. Content Production - Photography/Audio/Video Production/Interviews/Graphics/Stories/Messaging/Etc.

3. Website Development and Internet Portal (4 to 6-week rollouts once content is available)


Once the donation can be cleared we would love to begin making phone calls delivering the message that “Veterans Network has a new website for you, on its way.” Just like those vets that go on a mission to build new schools and hospitals in countries where the funding is not available, we would be so very honored to be able to give back, and build these similar digital structures for our veteran heroes around the country!

ROLLOUT: Everything is in place except for funding. Veterans Network currently has multiple website recipients teed-up and eager to expand their operations, just as soon as we can donate these websites to our heroes around the country. 


The first Veterans Network website donation rolled out in fall of 2019, as the home base website for a concert festival produced as a fund-raiser for the local volunteer fire dept, and tribute to military and emergency responders everywhere. The concert festival included a moving tribute ceremony with Veterans and Emergency Responders on stage, along with the town mayor and event producers, during the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner and Amazing Grace. Thousands in the crowd were able to momentarily say thank you, and the festival was fantastic success helping raise awareness for those that put their lives on the line to protect us all, and the overall goal to provide funding for the local volunteer fire dept.

Nashville web design .biz Veterans netwo

We have more Veteran recipients in the hopper and once we have steady funding, will send out notices accepting submissions for more veteran-based recipients to join in our network. See more about our next recipients currently on hold for funding: 

  • One is an off-road adrenaline-therapy racing program putting veterans in race cars and trucks, with the overall cause to help reduce skyrocketing veterans suicide rates. This program is located in the Southwest.

  • Another is more of a stock-car program doing the same, putting veterans in driver’s seats, helping unsettled, un-acclimated vets who still need to find a release. These guys are providing a safe and controlled environment to do so. This program tours around the country to different racetracks, based in the Mid South.

  • The next website rollout is a vet-owned garment company, selling merchandise to raise funds and auction items, and to produce fund raiser events as donations to other veteran and first responder causes. This program originates in the Northeast.

  • Another website is planned for a vet who recently road her bicycle coast-to-coast raising funds for both PTSD and Veteran Suicides. She continually amerces herself in these jaunts as fundraisers for various VA hospitals and other veteran based recovery goals. This originates out of Nashville.

  • Another website recipient is a former Vietnam marine that has launched various veteran-serving non profits in his post-service livelihood, with his next venture being a Florida-based non profit offering both fresh water and deep sea fishing excursions, to help veterans old and new seeking adventure, camaraderie and convergence. 

  • Another site will be for a new pilot seeking opportunities to provide free transport to soldiers, and overcome  unaffordable travel over the holidays, from their current US post to their hometown locations across the country. 

  • There is also a site recipient for whom I hope to build/donate their website supporting a military-based sanctuary as well, promoting to their constituents, to just do something good. The impetus of their operation is based on a son's story with his father from experiences endured/suffered during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • The Veterans Network website itself, will be the all encompassing website, as a directory of our Veteran’s based resources throughout the country. For example, Nashville Web Design .BIZ will be included in the registry, just as those making the financial donations, as a source for donated veterans websites. The private and corporate sponsors that have funded Veterans Network will be included as a resource for their offerings, and of course every website we build for each Veteran’s program will be included for their program offers as well. All with the grand goal of us all being able to lean on each other and further build the platform of giving back and intertwining those trying to help their military brethren.

Donors Requested! Seeking fellow patriot musicians, entertainers, private donors and corporate philanthropic funding, to eliminate the financial blockade that stands in the way of the website being provided, thereby not only preventing the success of Veteran’s business itself, but most importantly, in the majority of cases, preventing the ultimate cause of veteran’s business to help their fellow brethren thrive, survive, cope, and even in many unfortunate cases, prevent someone from putting a pistol to their heads! And this is why we ask for your funding!! You and I can provide the mechanism, to help a Veteran thrive, and their programs that help others stay alive, healthy and happy. Please help provide Veterans Network funding, for handing out websites to veteran causes and needs!


NOTE: A $10k request per account is an estimate based on a 10-page website development, and more-so the preproduction requirements and the content production to fill the website. In cases where there may not be enough content to construct a 10-page site, or perhaps the full $10k is not required for the content production needs for example, the remaining account funds will roll over to the next account, and help deploy another website as quickly as possible to help our veterans, help more vets, to help more vets, to help more vets and so on. If donors prefer the remaining funds be returned, however, that is always an option as well. We want this to be a win for all involved!

Also to note; If a donor does not have the full $10k available to support a full project rollout, we welcome any contribution amounts available, to help finance any Veterans Network project, large or small. For example, we can build less pages in the website, less production requirements, less content production and your donation can cover a smaller deployment. All to say that we welcome any little bit we can gather for our heroes. And the sooner we can roll out, if even a starting point for our veterans, the fact that we delivered a smaller version today instead of a full-blown version in 6 months, might make the difference in saving a life tomorrow. The short version: Every little bit helps. And in an abundance of cases we will never even know about, time is of the essence. A day, a minute, an hour could make a life-changing difference to those who may be suffering. And we can help get ahead of that! Stop the 22!

Also, while some donors wish to remain anonymous, we are also happy to promote those who donate their funds as well. We will brand websites with sponsorship credits and/or any involvement that fits with the project. We feel it’s just as important for our donating heroes to be as recognized as our veteran heroes. And we are always open to innovative and creative ways to work together to support the greater good!

You just never know, your generosity could inspire someone else to help us in the cause, and instead of deploying a single website, maybe can deploy three, five, 15, 20... Instead of one veteran business owner able to create a successful business, it’s limitless. And instead of one Veterans cause saving one life, your donation can help save thousands!!  We welcome your act of generosity to help and affect the outcome of perhaps millions of results!

As you can imagine, the opportunity to help vet-based business truly is limitless. Over time, Veterans Network will be an impressive network of military and veteran based organizations, spread across the country that they have defended, where these vets will know of our existence by submitting their stories and requests for a Veterans Network website to further build their own initiative(s). Hopefully your donation(s) will be inspired by the same gratitude as Veterans Network, to partner in these builds, inspiring perpetual funding to support all of these initiatives listed above. But more so, the goal is to support the veterans business and their outreach to improve, and in some cases, even save the lives of their brothers and sisters who have experienced the ugliness and turmoil of battle, and the ongoing damages thereof, all so that you and I can sleep peacefully at night.


Will you partner with Veterans Network!? 


It’s been a slow start, but once we connect with the right partners who care, stand for their country, and gladly contribute to community and veteran-driven causes, we will be well on our way, donating more websites, building more Vet-Businesses, and helping our Veterans help their fellow Vets! We stand proud of our first Veterans Network website rollouts: Veterans Network
Rod Trowbridge Memorial Fly-In

Inspired by the 2020 passing of former veteran, Rod Trowbridge, the Memorial Cook Airfield Fly-In in Derby, KS  is not only a celebration of life but also the first annual gathering of fellow pilots, friends and family from around town and around the country! Veterans Network
Island Warriors

A Veteran-Owned organization helping fellow Veterans suffering from PTSD and other forms of challenges remaining from their service. Submit your application for an all-expense paid trip to the Caribbean! DD214 Required for application. Veterans Network
Heroes Custom Cup Company : Coming Soon

Not only a perfect souvenir and a great item for fund raisers, but also a great marketing item for any business application, Heroes Custom Cup Company is a Veteran-Owned business providing custom design and graphics on a variety of cup sizes. Order yours today! Veterans Network
White House On Fire

An annual Rocktober Celebration Benefit Concert supporting the White House, TN Volunteer Fire Dept., and a salute to Military and Emergency Service Responders everywhere! An event not only raising funds but raising awareness for those protecting us out on the front lines!

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