Veterans Network is a goal of mine that I have been wanting to deploy as my own personal contribution and ability to give back to our military heroes. I have never served in the military and could probably never survive the atrocities that these soldiers endure on a continual basis. They experience things in their daily lives that no one should ever have to experience at all. And I want to give back to them. As I often share with our vets, “thank you for sleeping in a foxhole, or on top of a tank at night, so I can sleep in my bed.”


Veterans Network will be a network of websites I hope to build and donate for Veteran causes.


SITUATION: Veteran-based, or veterans-cause business are trying to operate but have no funding, therefore unable to pay for my websites. In doing so, it compounds their obstacles and further deters their efforts keeping them from an online platform to promote and grow their business, their wares, their cause and ease in their operational transactions.


I as a business however, am unable to build free websites and maintain the operational costs for not only my business but also my own employment therein.


So these amazing humans are hit twice with the odds against them to succeed in their own cause and their own goals because neither they nor I have the funds to support. They were able to fight through bomb mortars and bullets but cannot fight through the lack of funding and promotion for their own businesses. And I want to help provide a tool for them to grow, and disarm the barriers that hold them back.


But even worst of all in the lack of funding, many of these Veteran-based business are to support/prevent other veteran hardships. And their recipients are the ones that truly miss out by the trickle down from lacks of funding.


REQUEST: $50,000

A website isn’t much in comparison to a soldiers sacrifice, especially all four in my rollout who have suffered their own sacrifices, but if it helps them with their goals, their causes and in turn helps someone else that may have otherwise missed out, I feel like I can pass on my thanks even in the most miniscule of manners. And I hope contributing partners can donate the funding and the support for me to be able to give back and donate websites.


Would it be possible to receive any kind of corporate funding, grants, donations, etc. to build these websites for these guys? I would like to build a $10k website for each of these recipients, as immediately as possible.

The funds would be applied in three phases of the project:

1. Discovery - Onsite visits and understanding of the business, seeking potential digital opportunities.

2. Content Production - Photography/Audio and Video Production/Interviews/Graphics/Etc.

3. Website Development and Internet Portal


Once the donation can be cleared I would love to begin making phone calls delivering the message that “I have a new website for you, on its way.” Just like those that go on a mission to build new schools and hospitals in countries where the funding is not available, I would be so very amazed to be able to give back, and build these similar digital structures for our heroes around the country!


ROLLOUT: Everything is in place except for funding. I currently have four websites I want to donate to launch this Veterans Network project.


The first two are racing programs owned and operated by Veterans:

One is an off road racing program putting veterans in race cars and trucks, with the overall cause to help reduce skyrocketing veterans suicide rates. This program is located in the Southwest.


The second is more of a stock-car program doing the same, putting veterans in driver’s seats, helping unsettled, un-acclimated vets who still need to find a rush. These guys are providing a safe and controlled environment to do so. This program tours around the country to different racetracks, based in the Mid South.


A third website is a vet owned garment company, selling merchandise to raise funds and auction items, and to produce fund raiser events as donations to other veteran and first responder causes. This program originates in the Northeast.


And a fourth website is for a vet who recently road her bicycle coast-to-coast raising funds for both PTSD and Veteran Suicides. She continually amerces herself in these jaunts as fundraisers for various VA hospitals and other veteran based recovery goals. This originates out of Nashville.


A fifth website will be the all encompassing Veteran’s Network website, as a directory of our Veteran’s based resources throughout the country. For example, Nashville Web Design .BIZ will be included in the registry, just as those making the financial donations, as a source for donated veterans websites. The corporate sponsors that have funded Veterans Network will be included as a resource for their offerings, and of course every website I build for each Veteran’s program will be included for their program offers as well. All with the grand goal of us all being able to lean on each other and further build the platform of Doing Something Good!


I am currently building a website for a concert event taking place as a fund-raiser for a local volunteer fire dept, and tribute to military and first responders everywhere.

And I hope to build/donate another website to a military based network as well, promoting to their constituents, to just do something good.

Please help us all say thank you. 

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