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Updated: May 28, 2020

A way to give back in the best way I know how!

War is a horrible fate and a surrounding of atrocities that no one should have to suffer. Unfortunately however, evil always tries to takeover and we have no choice but to battle for the greater good. To the men and women that step up to do so, and put your lives on the line for the good fight, and my personal safety – This Memorial Day, I am announcing my Veterans Network program to give back!

While I have never served in the service, nor do I think I would make it through if I did, Veterans Network is a way I can personally say thank you, and give back with the skill set I DO have! I have been seeking private funding and reaching out to personal friends and acquaintances in music and entertainment biz, but unfortunately have not succeeded with raising funds to support this program.

Therefore, I am now asking for help from the general public, to help raise funds, so I can build websites and donate them to Veteran-owned/operated business and initiatives around the country. If you know anyone that would like to contribute, be it corporate, personal, private, entertainment, or any other philanthropic sector grateful for the military and veterans who have fought for us, please ask them to donate so we can help these heroes create/launch/expand their endeavors!

And note, usually THEIR endeavors often include a cause to help their own military/veteran brethren too! The current recipients awaiting their new Nashville Web Design .BIZ site for example, help in efforts to reduce veteran suicides, PTSD victims, re-acclimation from service to civilian, mental and physical rehabilitation – and so much more!

Please click to see more Veterans Network details online, and please donate now!

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