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You Have Fought Hard - and Thank You!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Your Efforts Have Not Gone In Vain!

In a world where high standards, accuracy and excellence no longer seem to matter, where instead, the status quo has become supporting the most, those who contribute the least. Where senility, lies, cheating, corruption, crime, deception, manipulation, destruction, hypocrisy, media propaganda and puppet strings are now the qualifier, opposed to the disqualifier for leadership. Where passively sitting back awaiting others to serve their ego, opposed to actively working to pursue the dreams and goals they speak of, and where your word matters for nothing because your actions no longer support what you say. Where one’s self pride in qualifications, skills, personal responsibility, choices, consequences and accountability is drowned out by an obnoxious, rude, blame-driven, destructive, criminal society screaming louder demanding more handouts and entitlement from others, instead of earning for themselves. Where all that has been built to prosper and thrive provided by the hard working and unwavering generations before us is ungratefully destroyed and dismantled by those who have benefited the most thinking they have it the worst. Where the evil of greed and agenda prevails over good, truth, honesty, and freedom…

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who have fought to preserve, protect and fight against all the tragedies listed above… just wanted to let you know that high standards, morals, excellence, a strong work ethic, trust, reliability, humility and the pursuit of life, liberty, justice and happiness DOES still exist. To our Veterans – you have not fought the battles, sacrificed your lives and your loved ones, for nothing. While it may seem that everything you have fought for has been overturned, please know that there are those of us out there that still appreciate all you have done, do and will continue doing in the name of good, God, truth and freedom! Happy Veterans Day, and thank you for your service!!

To further support our military heroes, please visit Veterans Network, where we donate websites to our veteran owned businesses and self endeavors. Where in most cases, those endeavors include serving their fellow Vets. Veterans Network continually seeks donors and recipients for our Website donations. Please help!


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