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Why We Build New Websites Instead of Repairing Old Ones

Revving Up Your Online Presence: We are not a repair shop for broken down Volkswagons. We build brand new Mercedes.

We Build NEW Websites
We are not the repair shop. We build brand new Mercededs instead.

We understand the frustration and wasted expenses that come with choosing the wrong wesbite vendor. That's why we're here to build your proper solution and provide ongoing support for your investment, well into the future.

We typically do not work on the site you have already started elsewhere. Be it from a broken down website, inferior customer service, or whatever has caused your need to switch gears... our focus, our time, and our expertise are a much better value best spent on creating the right solution that we already provide to our clients. If you want to become one of those satisfied clients, we will need to start fresh and rebuild your website with our platform, WIX, which offers superior functionality and performance.

If you're looking for a repair shop to fix your existing (most commonly, wordpress) website, we are not the right choice. However, if you want a new "car" that actually works and drives success for your online presence, goals, and endeavors, we are excited to work with you!

We have daily conversations with individuals who, despite our efforts to prevent them from making mistakes, chose an inferior solution. Now they are experiencing the consequences, including duplicating costs, tarnished reputation, and lost customers.

We hate that so many website clients have been let down and are stuck with a non-functional website or vendor. But we love being able to provide you with the proper solution, correcting and revitalizing your online presence for success.

Just like a Mercedes compares to a broken-down Volkswagen, creating a new WIX site is like cruising in a luxurious, brand new Mercedes online.

nashville web design .BIZ - we build new websites opposed to repairing old ones.
We build new cars

It's our daily phone call for new business, as spoken to my clients: "I'm sorry you chose and paid for a bargain that did not work. We would like to spare you further time, trouble and wasted expenses. We build the proper solution for you and we're available to support your investment into the future."

Then the conversation switches to, "well, can you work on the (wrong) site I already purchased?"

"No, our focus, our time, and our struggle to work on your previously chosen mistake, is better spent working on the proper solutions that we already provide our clients. If you would like to become one of those clients, we do have to start over - ditch your word press and rebuild with WIX. If you are looking for a repair shop, I am not your proper choice. We build new cars here.

It's a daily conversation, all too often with folks I spoke with a year or two in the past, learned of their needs, provided their quote and tried to prevent them from their mistakes. But no, unfortunately someone heard an old outdated buzzword, or got it cheaper, and they chose an inferior solution instead.

We are not the repair shop. I truly anologize the situation to being in business of repairing problems or providing solutions. We do not spend our efforts working on broken down Volkswagons. We build brand new Mercedes instead.

Please contact for yours!

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