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Wix vs. Wordpress vs. Squarespace vs. Webflow vs. ...

The tools are only as good as the hands that use them.

Coke vs Pepsi

Chevy vs Ford

WIX vs WordPress

How many sodas, have you drank?

How many cars have you driven?

How many websites have you built?

Have you ever made a decision on buying a house based on questioning the kind of hammer the carpenter used – was it a Craftsman hammer? Or was it a Stanley?

When drinking a soda are you breaking down the recipe, and the factories required for bottling and labeling? Are you concerned with the density or the transference of cooling molecules in the glass or the aluminum from which you are drinking? Are you looking at the logo design as a qualifying factor in your decision between the two? Do you know anything about making soda? Or are you just wanting a refreshing drink that tastes good?

Coke vs. Pepsi :: Wix vs. Wordpress
Coke vs. Pepsi :: Wix vs. Wordpress

When driving a car, are you thinking about the compression in the cylinders, the greasing compounds grinding between the transmission gears, how the axles are transferring torque from the gearbox to the wheel hubs, where all the wires are run for all the electronics, how many springs are in the seat cushions, how is the headliner remaining intact, and how are all those nuts and bolts keeping all of that metal connected together? How many times have you asked the dealer for the differences in manufacturing plants at Ford and Chevy? Do you know anything about building a car? When you are buying a new car, are you thinking about any of the above, or is it more your concern for hopping in, turning the key and successfully driving to your destination?

Chevy vs. Ford :: Wix vs. Wordpress
Chevy vs. Ford :: Wix vs. Wordpress

When hiring a website designer, are you aware of how the website is built? Do you know how the programming works? Do you know if programming is even required? Does the HTML matter to you? Does the CSS, Does the Javascript? Do you know what or why, if you need either, or all of the three? Do you have any concern if an element can nudge pixel-precision for a particular query, are you restricted to confinement containers and the limitations in design, functionality, operations, access, stability and an endless list of elements required in proper website design? Do you know anything about user experience required to build a proper website? Or do you just want to log on, achieve your goals and have your customers do the same?

So may I ask, when hiring a website designer, considering your decision to move forward or backwards, is it more important that I build a great website regardless of the toolbox I use, or is it more important that I use the toolbox you heard of or found on the internet, having never used a toolbox yourself? Or worse taking advice from someone who has never used a toolbox, but thinks it's a great idea that you make your choices including their recommendations instead of an expert's? Which of those playout to a better website for you? Which provides a better representation of your business and online presence?

Wix vs. Wordpress
Wix vs. Wordpress

AS the website designer however, requiring the tools in the toolbox to support the great website I set out to build, I choose the best tools for the purpose I have to serve. And that purpose is building a great website for you: professional, strategic, impactful, operational your online headquarters to celebrate successfully all that your endeavors are meant to be!

When you go to the doctor for a surgery, do you choose a surgeon based on the brand of scalpel to use because you were able to research it on the internet, and you really have zero idea, knowledge or expertise in how the Dr. should use it? Which is better, Aspen or Aven? Or even if you do have the expertise, do you conduct the surgery on yourself because you heard of a great scalpel to use?

The answer in all of the above – is that you just want the best results – right?

Or am I wrong? Please advise because it is astounding to me the number of conversations, and the prevention of forward progress and success, halted by a conversation with someone who knows nothing about the toolbox, the tools within, nor how to use them, yet includes it in their decisions for progress.

Have you ever made a decision on buying a house based on questioning the kind of hammer the carpenter used – was it a Craftsman hammer? Or was it a Stanley? Did you find out it was a Stanley they used and you demand their hammer be a Craftsman. So instead, you buy a house that’s going to fall down on you and crush your family because the Carpenter had no skill, experience or passion for building a house. But they DID use the Craftsman hammer you prefered. And thank goodness you saved some money up front too. But damned, if those funerals aren’t expensive too, like the well-built house you could have purchased instead of crushing your family to death.

Craftsman vs. Stanley :: Wix vs. Wordpress
Craftsman vs. Stanley :: Wix vs. Wordpress

Yes, dramatic, but for the sake of example, would you agree that when it comes to buying that house, to buy from a carpenter skilled, experienced and passionate about not only building houses, but also the safety and the livelihoods of those living in them? And maybe leave the Craftsman vs. Stanley decision, to the guy that has to use it.

A rather absurd discussion, right!?!

Wix vs. Wordpress vs. Squarespace vs. Webflow vs….

Should we just let the website designer determine their toolbox, to build a skilled, experienced and passionate website project, and let the user determine if they and their customers can accomplish their goals when clicking around on it without getting crushed to death?

The tools are only as good as the hands that use them.

For any good website designer that can expertly utilize Wordpress and WIX toolboxes, I challenge any client to be able to pick out one over the other. For any audience visiting a great website, I challenge any visitor to be able to pick out one over the other.

The glaring difference is when the website designer has no passion and no skill set for building a great website. And then to anyone with a trained eye for website design, it's blatantly clear which toolbox they used - but that's only because they were unable to take the basic template they used to simply fill in the blanks, and design it into anything original, functional and customized into a great website delivery for their client. And those are typically the cheap-o advertised website deals that you as an unsuspecting buyer, just can't pass up. And that's when you also end up with an inferior product too. Spending far more in the long run to correct it, let alone the lost business it causes until you do. All the while, your competitor hires a professional website designer to squash you. Probably spends less in the long run and gains far more. Not always, but certainly mostly, buyer beware.

Should we hire soda makers to make soda, hire car builders to build cars, hire home builders to build homes, hire doctors to conduct surgeries, hire jewelers to build jewelry, let divers dive the deep, let pilots fly planes, let astronauts fly to the moon, and let great website builders build great websites? Yeah, let's do that.

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