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Passion - Part II : 5 Case Studies Where You Don't Want to Be #6

Hire a Website Designer with Passion!

I was asked today, "What makes you different?"

My answer: Passion. So I had to continue here from where we left off before.

I love building websites! I am fascinated with all the elements required to build a great website, and I pursue with tireless measure the delivery of a website that serves your goals and builds your business. I work more as your partner. I'm not just another vendor slapping together a template. My attention to detail and commitment to understanding your specific needs and preferences set me apart. Just ask my clients! Please!

Hire a Website Designer with Passion!
Hire a Website Designer with Passion!

With every project, I strive to create a unique and personalized website that truly represents your brand and helps you stand out in the online world.

It's my job to build a great website. It's my passion to build one that builds success for my clients. I believe that a website is more than just a digital presence; it's a powerful tool that can help businesses achieve their goals and connect with their audience. That's why I approach every project with a strategic mindset, focusing on delivering measurable results and creating a seamless user experience.

But that's sometimes just not enough. I am profoundly perplexed by the lack of standards and excellence some will choose over a professional, quality, high-end representation of their business. And that to me, is simply a lack of passion. And then begs the question, "How can you be in business for yourself and exclude passion for what you are doing and how it is presented?"

But you tell me—am I missing something? Because to me, passion seems to make the difference. Passion not only fuels the drive to succeed, but it also inspires creativity and innovation. It can lead to new ideas and approaches that set a business apart from its competitors.

Passion seems imperative to drive success and set businesses apart from one another. Otherwise, a lack of passion can ultimately lead to a lack of success and overall growth in the long run. And unfortunately, there have been far too many cases thereof. So, don't be like these guys!

Don't get lost following the wrong path! Hire a Website Designer with Passion!
Don't get lost following the wrong path!

Case Study 1:

Middle Tennessee: A client sent me a solicitation letter, pushing to update her website. And while some of the concepts were a good approach, there was a glaring missed opportunity.

But I have to digress to some other information included in the solicitation. It included the statement, "Our projects range from $2–4k, are completed in two weeks, and are custom built to meet your needs."

One of those three statements is a lie.

  • "Our projects range from $2–4k"—okay, that could be true.

  • "Completed in two weeks"—okay, that could be true.

  • "Custom built to meet your needs." -- There's the rub. I'm of the opinion that if you have already put the price in a box and resolved the timeline to build it before any discussion at all, there is no way you can offer a true 'custom solution.' You have not even discussed with the client their needs and goals to learn anything or realize a custom solution. If you have limited the price and the delivery time, you have already limited the customer's ability to completely attain their goals, hence the exact opposite definition of customization.

But, back to the matter at hand: upon reviewing the vendor's website, the glaring miss was passion. The website that represents their company is a bland, blase template website where they simply filled in the blanks. Zero effort, zero creativity, and zero enthusiasm for building a great website. And they want your business to do the same.

Case Study 2:

Southern Florida: I had a friend that came to me wanting to update his website. He was unhappy with the site from a different website designer and wanted to make it more impressive. But did he really? No, it seemed more like he really just wanted to take advantage of our friendship to grow his business. When I proposed the upgrades, the additional functionality, and the enhanced representation of his business, he truly had no passion for any of the above, and, simply because of the price to do so, he declined to do business together. So his passion was really trying to get something for nothing. Three years later, he came back, and we had an identical conversation. He has again objected to the price for a professional job, instead choosing to continue losing business because he truly has no passion for his website. Only his pocket book, which grows more empty by the day, without a great website out there helping him in the opposite direction.

Case Study 3:

Southern Illinois: I had a friend back home who runs her own website business in the area. She came to me asking for assistance with one of her clients' websites. Actually, it wasn't her client lacking passion; it was her employee. She showed me the website that her company had delivered because she knew she was unhappy with it. It was obvious that a complete lack of passion was ruling the project. They had used a standard template, made no attempts at a customized solution, and simply filled in the blanks, delivered, and cashed the check. It was an incredibly weak attempt to deliver a great product to her customer. And BOTH businesses suffered te consequences.

Case Study 4:

Southeast Montana: A client of marketing services finally realized she needed to change her website. She was not happy with the post-launch support and service because she could never get any response from her vendor when she requested additional support and upgrades. While working together on some other marketing projects, we had some discussions along the way about how the website could use some help too. When she finally asked me to take over her website, I was astounded to find out who built it. It was a huge conglomerate media company doing business nationwide. I had even worked with this company in the past, producing concerts and experiential marketing events. I could not believe it was they who had built this website. It was a clinic for displaying a complete lack of passion! If you're interested in seeing more, feel free to contact us, and you can see a before and after of this website. When passion became the primary factor in building a new website, it showed a night and day difference. And now her business does too.

Case Study 5:

Atlanta: A Florida-based social media company and long-time friend had referred one of her clients to me to take over her client's website. When her client and I were able to talk on the phone, the poor guy went on and on about how many websites he's had and how he's never been satisfied with the website designers or the poor WordPress website they delivered. I explained that, "I am probably going to tell you the same things they did, but I would be thrilled to put an end to your woes, and instead of continued failure, let's get you some success. Give me the chance to do it differently, providing you with top notch customer service, and a greatly professionalized, compelling, and impactful website for your e-commerce store." He eventually believed in my word, and I provided the quotes to do so. He then told me how much he liked my work on other sites built, but then objected to the price, stating that the printing company he was talking to about printing some biz cards would build him a website for $3000. And he will be going that direction. AGAIN. So instead of investing in the value of a professional website that he would love, built by a website designer with expertise in websites, he will work with a Printer business instead and repeat the same dilemma, that led him to me to fix: he will add another nonsatisfied website from his list of nonsatisfied vendors and throw away more money to have the same conversation in a couple years that we just had today. The printer will slap together a $3000 GoDaddy template, the client will be unhappy, and with no passion from either party, more time, more money, and more energy will be wasted on an inferior website. AGAIN, and again, and again. Now on the other hand, if they DO deliver him a great website, then congrats to all involved and a success story to come. However, with due diligence, comparing apples to apples, setting the bar based on a very high standard of excellence, and based on his past experience of being attracted to inferiorities, that just might not be the case.

It's such a shame to see people in their own way, repeating the same mistakes, causing themselves their own difficulties and ultimately more lost business, that they are well aware they need to fix. No matter how much you try to prevent more woes in their story, after the repeated pattern and familiarity of the mistakes, it's a rut they won't allow passion to pull them out of. That passion being mine - to help! (SMH)

For Nashville Web, the passion is not only a great website build but also seeing the success of a client's business grow as a result of great work.

Hire A Website Designer with a Passion for Success!
Hire A Website Designer with a Passion for Success!

It's about creating a strong online presence that reflects your brand and values and ultimately drives traffic and conversions. Without that passion from the website designer and the client, it's hard to create something truly exceptional. And ultimately, it's such a shame to see someone lose their business because they don't prioritize their online presence. With the increasing importance of e-commerce and online operations, having a strong website is crucial for success in today's market.

SO - please ask yourself, if your webmaster has zero passion for building your website, are they the best investment for representing your business? A website is often the first impression a potential customer has of your company, so it's important to choose a website designer who will put in the effort and creativity to make it stand out. Especially with a whole lot more to offer thereafter. While yes, a great website does have a value included, price is only one of many factors in the total equation for success. It's a big investment, but compare it to the potential gain it brings! Or worse, compare it to the potential LOSS a poor website could cause in reputation, traffic, conversions, and even the demise of a business. Hire a website designer with a strong portfolio and positive reviews from previous clients, ensuring you are making a wise investment in your business's online presence.

Click to learn more about your next webmaster's background, passion, and pursuit of more entrepreneurial success stories!

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