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It’s a Crying Shame

Nashville Web Design .BIZ: When YOUR profession is worth a professional website!

What do you do for a living? What company do you own? Work for? Or what are your specials, goals, talent, and endeavors? What is your profession, product or service?

And when you see the same scenario in your profession or personal interests, how do you feel when you see someone or something that can benefit from your wares, you know you can help them and you know they can have it SO much better!? And especially in the cases where something can be done, how do you feel when they continue to shoot themselves in the foot, denying your help! It’s a crying shame isn’t it!?

For the most part, most of our business success happens when we can solve a problem or enhance the agenda for someone else? And building our websites for our clients is the exact same. In fact, it’s our entire goal to not only build a great looking website, but one that functions and serves the owner as well as THEIR customers with impact and success! And maybe we are more exposed to the shame than most because our focus is on the internet, but we continually stumble across these websites that are not only crying in shame, but they are crying for help!! It truly hurts my soul to see an awful website out there because I know I can help not only build a better website, but ultimately, help build a better business, a better communication, and a better connection between the business owner and their customer.

Yes, we all have to keep the bills paid therefore, we have to charge adequately for the services we provide including the increased value our services bring to a business, but with all sincerity, to see a site in such a painful condition truly pulls at the heart strings as well, when we know it can be done so much better, so much more efficient, and so much more successful for the recipient of our services.

For example, what do you do when you cross a horrible website. You click to a competitor’s site just like the rest of us! And for the dangers of the missed business, each and every website out there has so much potential for the exact opposite. Instead of lost audience, their sad display and user interaction on their old outdated website could have been an incredibly successful impact on the digital audience seeking their goods.

Just like “Iron Eyes” Cody, it brings a tear to my eye to see the digital pollution out there, that we know we can help. If you know of anyone or any websites out there, that bring a tear to your eye, feel free to send them our way, and/or let us know and we will be happy to reach out to offer our help!

Let’s work together so they are not standing in their own way, and even more so, stuck with an inferior website standing in the way of their customers. Success requires the right money, the right timing and the right people, in the right places, with the right tools for the job. Let us build the right website for you!

Contact us today: Info@NashvilleWebDesign.BIZ

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