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Welcome to Nashville Web Design .BIZ; A new alternative to website design and development. Here to help, providing digital tools to support the goals you have in mind for your success!


It's no new news that everyone needs a great website design to promote their products and services, grow their business, and reach everyone head-down staring at their screens.  While we all have the median needs listed above, our biggest difference in website development is that we are really here to help with the obstacles facing your business. What challenges do you face today and how can we create a website to help overcome and gain added business for tomorrow?

With a background in the arts, we know it's a tough business to get started. Our passion and many years of experience in entertainment helps Nashville Web Design .BIZ understand your needs and the truly ruthless world of trying to make money on your art. Second only to your talent, a great website can be your greatest asset to do so. We are here to help launch not only your art, but invest up front in your future. We help launch new talents, build successful businesses and hopefully create a community of website design benefiting all of our future growth, career development and relationships for the future.

Nashville Web Designs - Starving Artists pricing : Artists, actors, musicians, models

Creative Talent

Charitable discount website pricing for artists/musicians/


Nashville Web Designs - Small Business Pricing

Small Business

Website pricing for smaller companies with up to 10 employees. 

Nashville Web Designs - Enterprise Pricing


10 or more employees within the business, and/or a stackable website reaching multiple layers deep.


Specializing in Talent-Industry Websites by a Talent-Industry Professional

Expertise in the same industry as yours!    --- Credits ---

Hello friends - I'm Brian, Director of Production Operations for Nashville Web Design .BIZ. In a previous life I spent a decade helping build, maintain and oversee websites at Viacom/CMT, and now hoping to provide the same service for you.


I was copywriter for music, SEO for, launched the first CMT Social pages, U/X Designer for CMT Webtools, became a content producer, provided celebrity and event photography for CMT Online, Mobile and Social outlets, and I ran the hundreds of individual digital artist pages of country music performers, ranging from unknown names to the biggest names in music.

Prior to building entertainment–based websites for country music television, I had a partnership back home building websites for real estate, builders and law firms.  --- More Website Developer Background ---

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