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Spam attacks and shady offers that you should consider in a more legitimate form.

From all of the benefits a website provides, one of the drawbacks is putting yourself out there for all the solicitors to spam you. Once your website goes live, a variety of incoming solicitations will bombard you with SEO improvement, Lead Generation, Blog Writers, some company in India that does this, some company in India that does that.

And while these are all valid forms of attention, you have been warned: there are a ton of spam, phishing, and just flat out crooks that approach you under this guise.

When it happens, I highly recommend you contact your webmaster first. If your website has been developed by a truly professional vendor, at minimum, the best SEO tactics should be in place. Lead generation and writers are often phishing for important and sensitive information about you and or your company.

All sites are DELIVERED complete, with SEO implementation already in place for example, and always produced with your optimization as standard practice. IF after a while you are not seeing results you think you should, then please contact us for a new strategy and SEO update. in doing so, first and foremost, examine your competition, the website they offer and the website that you offer. For any glaring differences, it will be rather obvious for future upgrades and modifications.

All to say, when you receive a notice like this, proceed with caution. Other than Google themselves hard-coding your site into their SERPs, NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE "higher positions of your website in a Google search engine.Especially to page one."


Oliver Johnson just submitted your form: Contact

Message Details:

Hello, We have a special offer for you till the end of the day to optimize your website for one-time fee: $135. Your discount link: In the attachment you will find our free audit report prepared by our experts:

Your site contains multiple errors. Our audit shows you the corrections, which should be made to guarantee you higher positions of your website in a Google search engine. Our specialists may help you choose or change your keywords, adjusting them to the service or the articles offered by you.

Best regards, Oliver Johnson .


Hi! I'm Brianna. I am just on your website right now and I would LOVE to help get you new visitors and of course customers to your website asap. Visit me for details on this special offer TODAY, and to get you website onto Page #1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing. This offer is open to new customers including you if you want to start getting new customers TODAY, get 1 Year FREE and 70%+ Off - Let me know! Brianna.


And always, if you think this submission is spam, report it as spam.

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